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Integra DTR

11.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Ready Network A/V Receiver

Triple high-current transformers, separate processing and amp blocks, and state-of-the-art 32-bit D/A conversion combine in the magnificent DTR-70.6—heart of the world’s ultimate Dolby Atmos® home theater.

Integra DTM

Network Stereo Receiver

Engineered for pure audio perfection, the DTM-40.4 boasts a superbly crafted discrete amplifier, networking capability, and a host of top-quality audio and video connectivity options—including Zone 2 lineouts—to smoothly orchestrate your home entertainment.

Integra DHC

11.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Ready Network A/V Preamp

From solid alloy faceplate to gold-plated XLR pre-outs, the DHC-80.6 exudes audiophile quality. Triple power transformers, cutting-edge processing technology and Dolby Atmos® makes the DHC-80.6 an excellent choice for theater sound and/or multizone A/V entertainment.

Integra DTA

THX Ultra2 9-Channel Power Amplifier

Talk softly, but carry a big stick. Behind the simple facade of the THX® Ultra2™ Certified DTA-70.1 lies enough amplification muscle to power even the most demanding home theater. Enjoy diamond-sharp precision, whatever the volume.